Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Google Forms

By far the most popular part of the Google Docs with the folks I work with is Forms. They have started popping up in all sorts of ways ever since we demonstrated this at a recent staff inservice. Including a mock election on Nov 4th to coincide with the national elections. Our Social Studies teachers copied the entire Colorado Ballot into a Forms doc and then brought all the kids down to a computer lab that day to vote. The votes were tallied instantly. Everyone involved thought it was extremely cool.

Saw on The Offical Google Docs Blog that they had included some new Form templates including this Website Feedback Survey I've embedded below. Go ahead and take the survey and I'll post the results so you can see how the information is tallied in a spreadsheet. I'll also take a few snapshots of some of the analytic tools so you can see the different ways you can look at your data.

If you haven't tried Forms yet, I highly recommend it.

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[Image captured from the Official Google Docs Blog:]

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