Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Evaluating Sources on the Web

Today I offer this short article on Lifehacker about evaluating the accuracy of web sites. When I taught Social Studies many years ago we discussed primary and secondary sources. Inevitably a student would bring in one of those supermarket rags with the stories about UFO abductions and mutant bat babies.
"It's in this magazine Mr. G, so it has to be true!"
Eventually, I started bringing one in as an example for my lesson. Then we spent some time classifying the newspaper as a good or bad source. Several of my teaching points are covered in this article.

I used to tell my students, "A dead rat dressed up in a pretty party dress is still a dead rat." I don't know if it was relevant saying or even if I am the original author. But it was (and still is) fun to say!

[Image: "Weekly World News." Wikipedia. 2007. Wikipedia. 19 Nov 2007 .]

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