Monday, December 3, 2007

Free Speech on the Web

Google recently posted an interesting piece called, Free expression and controversial content on the web. This could be a fun discussion starter for any tech class, social studies class or the the teacher's lounge. Here is a brief quote:

"We also know that letting people express their views freely has real practical benefits. Allowing individuals to voice unpopular, inconvenient or controversial opinions is important. Not only might they be right (think Galileo) but debating difficult issues in the open often helps people come to better decisions.

While most people agree in principle with the right to free expression, the challenge comes in putting theory into practice. And that's certainly the case on the web, where blogs, social networks and video sharing sites allow people to express themselves - to speak and be heard - as never before."

Google goes on to describe it's position on censoring content.

[Image: "Free Speech", Dixon, Maynard, 1934.$569*33201]

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