Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Great Missoula Chicken Debate

One of the current controversies in Missoula, MO is the raising of chickens within the city limits. I was going to put this piece in my weekly funny post because the topic is comic. But there is more to this little film. It's a documentary film . Both sides get a chance to say their piece. The producers get a chance to be creative and clever with some of their technique.

Show it to any students trying to think up a topic for a video project. Not every story has to be life-or-death. A simple tale about chickens can also entertain us. Maybe even inspire us.

My favorite quote from the video is made by Missoula resident, Bill DeCou. His take on this whole chicken debate:
"In my opinion I wish the city would spend a little more time dealing with these long range comprehensive issues and if they got time for chickens. Fine."

Great advice for everyone. Now if we could only agree on which issues are chickens and which are not?

[Image: Screenshot from the video: Missoula squabbles over urban chickens, http://www.newwest.net/city/article/missoulas_urban_chicken_squabble/C8/L8/]

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