Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Edublog Nomination: How to Grow a Blog

I am working my way through the Edublog nominations for most influential blog post of 2007. This one, How to Grow a Blog from the blog of proximal development is my favorite so far.

I recently had a conversation with a teaching friend about using blogs in the classroom.We were throwing around ideas about how to present it to the children. Then, today, I see this post with it's simple, clear visual and the reasoning behind using a blog.

"In short, the goal of using this handout is twofold: to help students plan and begin their journey, and to think about the habits they will need for that journey. I want them to understand that the most valuable part of blogging is the process of interacting with ideas and people, not producing finished assignments on assigned topics."

Great article.

[Image: Screenshot from Blog of Proximal Development;]

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