Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Looking inside a cell

During a dinner conversation recently, the inner workings of the cell came up and I raved for a brief minute or two about this great video I had seen on TED. A graphic illustrator had created a video of all the little nano-machines that are bustling around inside every cell. I wished this guy had illustrated my high school biology textbook. Promising I would look up the link for my dinner guest and send her the link, I thought why not throw it on my blog too.

The illustrator's name is David Bolinsky and his talk at TED is "Fantastic voyage inside a cell". Here is the Harvard site he references in his talk which gives a bit more information about the project. If you want to watch any of the clips here, you will need to launch their video player from the front page. To see some of the other illustrations he has been involved with you might also take a look at Bolinsky's company site, XVIVO.

If you haven't wandered around the TED site yet, what are you waiting for?

[Image/Screenshot: Bolinsky, David (2007 July). David Bolinsky: Fantastic voyage inside a cell. Retrieved September 30, 2007, from]

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