Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cool Visualizations

Fell into this site while searching for something else. I love that about the web! Here are the winners of the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge.

The picture shown here is a photograph of Irish moss taken by Andrea Ottesen. I selected this image because it was taken with a 7-megapixel point and shoot camera. Felice Frankel, one of the judges, is quoted in the article saying, "We shouldn't forget that we don't need [complex equipment and techniques] to create beautiful representations."

[Just before I was about to post this I found a link and description of the challenge by David Warlick on his blog 2¢ Worth. Another cool picture. More links.]

[Image: Ottesen, Andrea. "2007 visualization Challenge Winners." Science. 28 Sept 2007. Science Magazine. 2 Oct 2007 .]

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