Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It may come back to haunt you!

How many movies have you seen where the monster/robot/alien is blown to pieces and the hero walks through the rubble to look at the head still pulsing. That little light fades to dark and the hero says,
"Finally you are dead. You dastardly piece of what is evil in the world. Good riddance!"
He walks away while all of us, who always know more than the hero, are squirming in our popcorn clutter screaming,
"Shoot the head. You dufus! Shoot the head!"
He doesn't listen to us, he never listens to us. Before he is even out of the building the little bits and pieces of dead creature pull themselves together and reform into the same monster. Now a little angry at having been blown to bits. He hunts the hero down and they begin their dance of over acted pain and cinematic explosion until the end of the movie where someone finally shoots the head!

Walking out of the movie we are thankful we don't have to deal with creatures that can pull themselves back together again. A world where the broken stay broken! Not so any more! Watch the following movie and tonight you will add locks to your bedroom door and lament the loss of the comfortable world in which you grew up!

Raffaello D'Andrea, is one of the creators of this chair of doom. He doesn't seem like an evil genius and I enjoyed reading about his other projects. He is an associate professor at that empire building, bent on controlling the world organization, Cornell University.

BotJunkie has become my daily dose of cool robotic stuff. Thanks for making me aware of my impending doom and other neat stuff.

[image: "Tom Swift and his giant robot." Chaos Kids. Aug 1997. from collection of Phillip Rubin. 1 Oct 2007 .]

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