Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How To: Limit a Google Search to EDU sites

I was reminded of this trick while browsing Lifehacker. You can limit your search results in Google to show only educational (.edu) sites.

To do this, type the following into Google: "search topic"

Lets say I wanted some photos that were royalty free or free for educational use. It might be helpful to limit my search to edu sites so I type in: photo

I did this and discovered this cool gallery of crocodile photos sponsored by the University of Florida that are free for educational or non-profit use.

That's where this neat picture was hiding.

[Image: King, F. Wayne. "American crocodile, Crocodylus acutus.." Crocodilian Photo Gallery. 1996?. Florida Museum of Natural History. 9 Oct 2007 .}

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