Monday, October 15, 2007

Werewolf Stilts

I always had this idea in the back of my mind of running a class or after school club designed around creating a monster movie. It's one way of getting students to bring together a wide variety of technology skills: animation, video, sound, engineering , design, modeling, and mechanics. As a bonus we could also work on some of those other school subjects like writing, editing and reading.

Much of the time kids don't see the value of something until they actually use it. A big movie project would have them begging me to learn and experiment with knowledge. I love it when students pester me for information. It makes me feel like a teacher.
"We need a monster with 6 foot arms. Who's going to build this ugly thing?"

"We need a space ship that flies into an asteroid and explodes. Who's wants to animate that?"

"I want a realistic dinosaur roar. Who's going to come in during lunch to work on that?"

"We need a model of scary house that we can blow up later. Who wants to create this?"

I know I'd have 2-3 kids who would volunteer for each of those projects. So many possibilities. So much learning. The following video got me to thinking about my "monster movie" idea again.

Here is a link to the plans.

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