Thursday, October 18, 2007

Articulated Werewolf Mask

I had a post on Monday about werewolf stilts. The same person is still at it and has created a head to go along with the stilts. She gives a step-by-step description of how she created a mask that moves with the wearers jaws.

I was discussing this with another tech teacher over coffee. In our lab we used to challenge kids to create an articulated head that was run with pneumatics. They were doing this pretty much from scratch or building off of what other students had figured out. If the kids had been able to access videos like this one, the quality of their work would have increased immensely.

I wonder how many of us are taking advantage of what the web has to offer? How many of us are still running our classrooms like the web doesn't exist? These kids are going out into a world where the web is going to be a part of their professions.

Anyway, take a look at this mask and the plans are at this site.

[Image: "Make an articulated Werewolf Mask." gryphern home page (on YouTube). YouTube. 15 Oct 2007 .]


  1. Master Gunn,

    Old LAN Techs never die - they work from MITER grottos in middle earth. I enjoy the blog. Keep up the blog - perhaps you will mention how you got here? Or do I need to go further back?

    Martimus Q. Maximus. LAN guy at large...

  2. Martimus,

    When you ask how I got you mean...

    Here on your computer?...ask your LAN supervisor. He or she will explain it much better than I. It has something to do with that closet with all the wires.

    Here on a blog?... a man has to fill his time some way! What better way than a blog where I reach five's and ten's of people every month.

    Here about a werewolf mask?...I have one previous post about this great project. Before that, I used to sneak out of bed as a lad to watch "Creature Features" on late night TV. Wolfman was a personal favorite.

    Hope this helps Sir! Good hearing from you. Since I know you are reading, maybe I will include at least one post about 60's muscle cars.