Monday, October 1, 2007

Another video from Common Craft

Common Craft has done it again. They created a video about why fluorescent bulbs are better. A better value. A better choice for the environment.

These folks are so clever. One example of their skill is how they show the volume of coal being burnt. It's implied through the size of the paper flame. The bigger the flame, the more coal being consumed.

If I did this, I might have made the pile of coal bigger. I may have made a chart depicting use over time. I may not have even done anything to graphically show what was happening and droned on in my monotone teacher voice while the kids looked at a lump of coal.
"Yes children, the more electricity used, the more coal we have to burn. Any questions? Any questions?"
This is why I am sitting home alone writing poetry about garden snails and the folks at Common Craft will soon own the world. Good content. Clear delivery. Fun to watch. Where were they when I was learning Economics?

[Image: "Video: New Light Bulbs in Plain English." Common Craft. 26 sept 2007. Common Craft. 27 Sep 2007 .]

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