Friday, September 28, 2007

Amazing Robot "LittleDog"

Saw this video of LittleDog, a 4-legged robot programmed by Stan Schaal from USC and built by Boston Dynamics and was amazed by it's ability to work it's way up and over a pile of rocks. I immediately did some searching and came up with links to Boston Dynamics and an article on BotJunkie. Boston Dynamics has four robots in development(links are to YouTube videos):
  • Big Dog (a large four legged robot)
  • RHex (an all terrain, even water, robot)
  • Little Dog (same video as below)
  • RiSe (little bugger climbs walls and trees)

Here are some other LittleDog related links. Reading is probably a little to high for middle schoolers but a high schooler passionate about robotics would find these interesting.

[Image: Jackel, Larry. "Learning Locomotion Proposer Information Pamphlet." IPTO Information Processing Technology Office. 06 Mar 2006. DARPA. 19 Sep 2007 .]

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