Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Why not just One BIG Picture?

I had a student ask me once,
"Why don't we just design web pages in Photoshop and then load the picture as the whole page. It would look so much better!"
I stammered on about file size but I don't think I was very convincing as the student countered with,

"What about slicing the image up Mr. G? Huh! What about that? The files would be smaller!"

I answered with that sly teacher ploy,
"Wasn't that the bell?"

Wish I had this article, PSD to Web Page which is much more articulate than I in explaining why it is better to use good html/css design. In a nutshell, the reasons one big image is less desirable are:
  1. Requires tables to hold sliced images.
  2. Hard to manage and update.
  3. And a biggie....not search engine friendly.

I am so much smarter if I get one or two months to think about my answers. I wonder why my students never understood how clever I am?

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  1. Sweet! The blood that is . . .
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