Monday, September 10, 2007

Make Magazine

While reading the latest issue of Make magazine today over my morning coffee, I thought, "My kids and I would have loved this magazine in the technology lab. It has so many projects I could have tied in with the different modules in my class. So, here is my enthusiastic plug for a great magazine.

For example, this months featured articles are:
  • Retro R/C Racer: Build a model 1930's midget racer out of scrap.
  • DIY Wheels: All kinds of ideas on how to mod a bike.
  • Vacuum Former: Build your own!
  • Rotating Bird Feeder: Photograph those pesky birds....close-up!
  • Solid Geometry: Learn the five Platonic solids and then build stuff!
The projects range from easy to hard. Make has got me digging through my garage looking for my old soldering iron. I was never much into electronics as a young man, but this old man is thinking he might want to tinker around with circuits and build the worlds next great doo dad machine.

There is a electronic version available to subscribers. There is also a related blog and podcast worth looking into. This is a fun read for any technology geek, even if you never build a single project.

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