Friday, September 7, 2007

K12 Online Conference 2007

Stumbled across a link to the K12 Online Conference 2007. Clicked on it and thought right away that this sounded like something I want to attend. If I understand this correctly, it is free and it is all online. They have some video teasers available and I watched a few. I decided already on some of the sessions I want to attend.

Dean Shareski
“Design matters”
Drew Murphy
“Step by Step- Building a Web2.0 Classroom”
Jeff Utecht
“Sustained Blogging in the Classroom
Lee Baber, Paul Allison, Susan Ettenheim and Thomas Locke
“Building Online Communities for Youth”
Karen Richardson
“Crossing the Copyright Boundary in the Digital Age”

These are all topics I've been thinking about lately. I am so intrigued about this gathering that I've added a link to my blog. If you are into tech education, there has got to be at least one presentation that grabs your interest. Take a peek.

[Screenshot: "k12 Online Conference 2007." k12 Online Conference 2007. k12 Online Conference 2007. 7 Sep 2007 .]

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