Thursday, September 6, 2007

Son of Citation Machine

Yesterday's post about using primary sources got me to thinking about copyright and proper citation. There are some good online tools to help students format citations. I remember how painful this used to be when I was in college in the pre-computer dark ages. I held the writers manual in one hand as I carefully typed in, with one finger on my old manual Smith Corona, the sources for my bibliography. It was a royaly pain. When I told this story to my students I would always get the question,

"How old are Mr.G? You must be reallllllllly old!"

In recent years, I taught my students to use Son of Citation Machine. Every time I gave this lesson, I had at least one child who had another site they liked better. I let them use which ever one they wanted, as long as they used something. I did find that at certain times of the year, one site might get bogged down with high traffic. So, it might be handy to have a few other urls of similar sites available for your students. Or to the utter dismay of your class, a book or handout with the proper formatting.

"This ain't no English class. This is a computer class Mr. G. Why do we have to look at a book?"

The two screenshot shown here are the interface and the resulting citation based on the Son of Citation for a web page MLA style.

[Screenshots: Warlick, David. "Son of Citation Machine." Landmarks Son of Citation Machine. 2006. The Landmark Project. 7 Sep 2007 .]

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