Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Game-ified Life

Interesting article over at The Technium. Kevin Kelly recommends a talk by Jesse Schell that speculates on the future of games.  He gave this quote that had me hooked:
"He offers a vision where ordinary life is gameified. Cheap tracking technology turns whatever you do into a "game" that accumulates points. As the gameification of life becomes ubiquitous, you go through your day racking up points and "getting to the next level." Instead of getting grades in school you graduate to the next level. It's a head spinning scenario, with lots to love and hate, but well worth considering."
I watched the video and can't stop thinking about the implications.  Worth the 29 minutes. 

At 19:30 in the video he mentions Lee Sheldon who teaches a class and instead of grading uses the accumulation of game points to determine grades.  I tried to find more information on this, but no luck. Anyone else out there have info on this?

[Image: "I lost the game"; Flickr; Uploaded on July 29, 2008
by scragz; (CC:Attribution Generic)]

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