Thursday, March 11, 2010

Building a Treadmill Desk

Wrote about treadmill desks back in September 2008. Here is a handy tutorial at Instructables on how to build one or around $150. I sold my treadmill last year to gain a little elbow room in my house so I can't try this one out. Still think it's a good idea though.

Here's a link to one study done with school age children and treadmills:  Physical Activity May Strengthen Children's Ability To Pay Attention. (This was not the one I was looking for originally, I think there is one other study out there somewhere that looked at eighth graders, but can't find it.  Anyone?)

The authors three recomendations:
  • scheduling outdoor recess as a part of each school day;
  • offering formal physical education 150 minutes per week at the elementary level, 225 minutes at the secondary level;
  • encouraging classroom teachers to integrate physical activity into learning.
Wonder what a study looking at teachers and the amount of exercise they get during a day might reveal about their health?  Their stress levels?  Their ability to think and plan?

[Image captured from Instructables:]

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