Monday, February 22, 2010

Wordle plus

I use Wordle in my classroom and have blogged about it before.  I was getting ready to introduce it to my Multimedia kids next week and thought I'd look around on the web and see what other folks were doing with it.  Came across this presentation by Tom Barrett showing 43 ways you can use Wordle in the classroom

I love the idea of creating a wordle of your syllabus to show at the beginning of the term. (slide #7) Plan on doing this and maybe have it be the first graphic on my projector when they walk in on the first day.

Found this in a post "12 Word Cloud Resources, Tips, & Tools"  on Teacher Reboot Camp.  She mentions a program called Tagul  that lets you create links from each word in your word cloud.  I'll be testing this one out in the near future.   The article ists other resources and ideas.  Good resource.

One last bit about Wordle.  If you have concerns about students seeing inappropriate content when they visit the site, the author gives a fix that will work for most districts.

[via: Teacher Reboot Camp]

[Image captured from Tom Barrett's presentation:]

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