Wednesday, April 8, 2009

iMovie: Fluffy Fang and the Spring Storm

Colorado got hit by a spring snow storm on March 26th and during that time I was desperate to get out of the house. I pulled on my boots and grabbed my camera and walked up to the store. On the way there I felt like I was in a Jack London short story and by the time I got home, I had a London style story rolling around in my head. I jotted it down and figured that would be the end of it.

The storm kept storming and I was getting a little anxious. House bound. I remembered I had the new updated version of iMovie on my computer and decided to create a slide show using my snow pictures. It would give me a chance to play around with the software. So, I pulled out my story and the pictures I took and "Fluffy Fang" was born.

I do like this iteration of iMovie better than the last one but after working in higher end editors, I find it very frustrating to go back to the low end. I was able to layout my slides the way I wanted. I couldn't quite get the sound I wanted so I did the narration with a little music and sound effects in Garageband. I then imported it back into iMovie. It turned out OK. I uploaded the end result so you could see the end result.

My thoughts:
  • It's easy to get content into the program. You can import it or just bring it in from iphoto and iTunes.
  • Easy to add titles although I found it a little hard to edit them just the way I wanted
  • Easy to build in transitions
  • Don't quite understand the Precision Editor yet. Need to mess with this a bit more.
  • If there is a timeline view, I couldn't find it.
  • Could never edit the sound quite how I wanted it.

Here is my video, Fluffy Fang and the Spring Storm. My sincere apologies to Jack London and his decedents. I'm going to re-write the script and do this all again in Premiere. (If I actually follow through with this plan, I'll post the results.)

[Image: Personal collection of Al Gunn: Creative Commons-Attribution]

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