Monday, February 16, 2009

Specialty Bottle

I was constantly scrounging containers for my technology lab. Things to keep little screws and what-nots organized. My students had to bring in as part of their materials list a small cardboard box, a paper tube and a jar or coffee can. No stinkin' pencil boxes or three ring binders in my class! The paper products were used for prototyping various contraptions and the jar and/or coffee can was used to store parts. I could never seem to get enough containers.

When I saw this post on CoolTools I immediately clicked over to the site. There were several items I thought might be handy in my tech lab, my garage or my kitchen. When I redesign my camping box this spring, I'll be surfing over to Specialty Bottle to see what I might purchase. Right now some of those bottles with the push dispensors look handy for oil or soap or maybe chocolate syrup.

There are no minimum orders and the prices seem very reasonable. If anybody else has had experience with this vendor. Leave a comment and let me know.

[via CoolTools]
[Image: Captured from Specialty Bottle:]

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