Monday, June 30, 2008

Camp Box

When I was a kid back in the dark ages, my dad would come home and announce that we were going camping. Mom gathered up the needed supplies and off we went for anywhere from a couple of days to a week of living in the back country. I don't remember much of what mom had to do to prepare except that she had a wooden camp box with all the essential items. She added a few days worth of food and away we went. I've camped off and on as an adult and I've tried a couple of times to recreate a usable camp box. So far, I've not quite managed it. Either my mom and dad were really organized or I'm being too picky about what I want to take. My box is way to small for all the things I think I need.

I had a friend tell me that last time she went camping, she had a cooler and a plastic sack of supplies. Everything was cooked off the grill at the campsite or suspended above the fire with a green stick. She mocked my camp box as I loaded it into the car for our simple overnight trip. It worked out OK although I don't think I've convinced her of the logic of the thing yet.

We were at a site with no tables, big rocks or handy stumps so all tasks had to be done on the ground. I had everything I needed to prepare our meals and clean up but my old crickety back was complaining about all the stooping. Now I am thinking a small folding table might be handy.

Will my list of necessities ever end? Will I eventually give up my quest for the perfect camp box and just buying a Winnebago?

[Image: Picture of my camp box]

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