Monday, December 15, 2008

Twittering Baby's every move!

Here's a device the expecting mother can wear and when her baby kicks, a message is sent out via Twitter to the father. Or the entire family. Or if you really are a sharing kind of person, the entire Twitter world. Everyone could share the baby's little kick. Who doesn't want to rush over when a expecting mother says, "The baby is kicking. Does anybody want to feel?"

I like this idea but think we should take it one step further. The father could wear a similar device around his belly that would give him a little thump or shock every time the baby kicked. Dad could be in a meeting and suddenly stop and put his hand to his stomach. The boss will ask,
"You OK Johnson?"

"Yes sir. I'm better than all right. The baby just kicked."


"Oh!" The expecting dad would say with a tear sliding down his cheek. "There he goes again. This kid is going to be a star soccer player."

"Maybe you should sit down?"

"Its alright. I'm alright. I'm only experiencing the miracle that is the creation of a human child within the womb. Now about those sales figures...."

Perhaps we could also create something that could be worn a little lower so that Dad could experience labor? He'd take those LaMaze classes a little more seriously if he knew he was going to have to breath through the miracle of childbirth contractions too!

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