Sunday, December 14, 2008

This Weeks Top 5

Here is this weeks top 5 most popular pages:

1. Popsicle Stick Bridge...again

2. Popsicle Stick Bridge Building

3. Homemade Spy Equipment

4. Organizing Lego: Part 2

5. Altoids Survival Kit

Every week those popsicle sites are the most popular. It got me curious so I dug a little deeper this week and looked at search terms that brought people to Painless Technology. Sure enough, "popsicle stick bridge" was the term that showed up most often. So, I went to Google and did a search for popsicle stick bridge and my most popular post shows up on the first page. I show up again on the next page of results.

Second most popular search term? Homemade spy equipment or some variation on those words. I pop up fourth from the top of this search. If I were a devious man, I might start including those terms in more of my posts. My site would be one of those that people click to and say, "How is this relevant...stupid Google." and click away. But my numbers would go through the roof and somebody out there might mistake me for somebody that knows something or possibly the New York Times might quote me.
Al Gunn, featured writer of the immensly popular Painless Technology recently said about popsicle stick bridges on his site: "I had great success with simple bridge building in my tech lab"

But, I'm not that devious and can only sit around the house bemoaning the fact that my pages don't come up in a search for "clever old man" or for "interesting technology teacher". Maybe if I wrote a post called "Interesting technology teacher builds a popsicle bridge to hide homemade spy equipment!"

Maybe I need to rethink this whole Top 5 post thing?

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