Saturday, November 15, 2008

Weekend Reflection

I've been running Painless Technology for a little over a year now. My reasons for starting were three fold: One, I wanted to create a site where I could share links and items that other technology teachers might find interesting or entertaining. I'd been sending emails with links out for several years to other tech teachers in my district. Why not make it a little more formal.

Second, I wanted to force myself to write on a regular schedule. I'm not all that comfortable with writing items like this and I wanted to move out of my comfort zone. My prose isn't the best. But, I'm a nice guy and I try hard.

Three, if I was going to promote using tools like blogs in schools than I had better be comfortable using those tools myself. If I'm going to climb up on a soapbox and sing a song of blogging love than I had better know of what-I-sing. Now I can stand in front of a group of teachers and say, "If I can do it. So can you."

So, here I am a year and month later and I still enjoy it. I don't have a huge audience but enough people follow my posts to keep me going and I am grateful for the attention. I am constantly surprised at the number of people outside my school district who check in on me regularly. Likewise, I am a little surprised that many of my local colleagues don't. I guess they must not have liked those clever emails I used to send out? (Chuck. You could have mentioned that.)

Thank you everybody for your support, advice and comments.


  1. I learend many ideas fro your blog.I linked your blog to my blog

  2. Thank you for the kind words.