Monday, June 2, 2008

Low Tech Palm Pilot

Before I ever had a PDA, I had my hand to jot down phone numbers, call numbers for books at the library, addresses and names. Sometimes they lasted long enough for me to make a hard copy at home. Usually they lasted long enough for me to complete my task. Here is a company who has made the process better (?) by giving you a template of a blank to-do list you can tattoo onto your hand. They include a handy marker that you can use to fill in the blanks. The company that makes these tattoos (markets them?) is called Fred & Friends.

By the way, in case you were wondering what my second most common place is to take notes? Fast food napkins. Numerous story ideas, sketches and the usual phone number/address info got their start on a paper napkin while eating lunch at any number of hamburger joints. Numerous bits of these data memes also ended up as little glumps of useless paper after going through the wash. Any day some enterprising young entrepreneur will start offering grainy, flimsy napkins in a handy notepad pack. Just perfect for capturing that million dollar idea! Possibly water resistant so those brilliant thoughts won't be destroyed by the rinse cycle. But I digress.

Fred & Friends has a bunch of items I've seen referenced on the web before but never bothered to follow up on. Like a delete fly swatter (wacker shaped like a delete key), Holy Toast Makers (make your toast a religious experience) and Pick Your Nose cups (cups with noses on them that look like they belong to you when you drink). The embedded video highlights the Pick Your Nose cup. It is hard to explain but makes perfect sense once you see it in use!

Look through their catalog and you'll find at least one silly-gag or possibly unbelievably useful gift item. I've not bought anything from them (yet) so can't vouch for the company, but I am already writing up a wish list. Maybe by the time I get my order ready, they will have that whole waterproof/napkin/notepad idea worked out and on the market?

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