Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nuts and Volts

While reading the latest issue of The Technology Teacher I came across a reference to this website, Nuts and Volts. The article referred to it being a good resource for teachers. So, I grabbed the URL and took a look.

First thing I discovered was that it's a combination print/online magazine. There were several projects I was interested in reading about but couldn't access because I'm not a member. To access all the content, you need to be subscribed. I saw several things I would of liked to read but couldn't get to. Enough to subscribe to the magazine? Not sure yet.

There is a lot of content here for the non-subscriber. They have an active blog that I enjoyed reading. I found a lot of tech related news and links to the source articles. There is enough here to bring me back even if I'm not a member.

You can sign up for a trial issue and subscription before laying your money down. I'm not sure I have time for one more monthly magazine? If anybody else out there is a subscriber, let us know what you think.

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