Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keyboard pants

These pants may be even a bit too geeky for me to wear. Now if you printed one on the left arm of a long sleeve shirt, I might consider that. After all I don't want to stand out too much in a crowd.

Or...I had a thought looking at these jeans. When I am running laps I sometimes keep track of the count by placing my thumb on the joints of my fingers. I start with the first joint of my pinky. If I move over each joint of my little finger to the tip I can count up to four. Four fingers lets me keep track of up to 16 laps.

Two hands gives the possibilty of 32 pointers. More than enough to create a keyboard using the possible two hand combinations. It wouldn't be any more awkward than some of the miniature phone keyboards folks use now a days. Also it would help you avoid some of the embarrassing keyboard pants jokes you'd be the brunt of if you wore these pants. Like:
"That boy is spending way too much time hitting the space bar!"
"All that touch typing will make you go blind!"
"Hands off the keyboards!"

"No hitting below home row!"
"Keep a cap lock on that or it's going to get you in trouble some day!"
"Men don't care about your keyboard, only their own!"
Adolescence is tough enough. Adulthood ain't always a piece of cake either. I think I will skip the pants.

[Image captured from website: http://www.vouspensez.com/2008/04/22/the-geekiest-pants-ever/]

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