Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Howard Rheingold

I was an avid reader of the Whole Earth Review back in the 90's. I believe it was there that I first was exposed to Howard Rheingold. He contributed articles and edited the magazine for a while. I'm a fan of his writing and was pleased to find that he now has a vlog. He introduces his site this way:

Twenty years ago, I wrote “A Slice of Life in My Virtual Community”. When I thought about updating it, I realized that video is better than text for showing how I spend time online. This is the first in a series of short videos documenting my use of social media in my professional and personal life.

Watching this video was a reminder of how different things are since I got my first computer in 1985. This series of videos should be a fun reminder of where we started, where we are now and I would expect some speculation on where we might be headed.

[Image: Captured from "A reslice of life online: Part One"; http://vlog.rheingold.com/index.php/site/video/a-reslice-of-life-online-part-one-introduction/]

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