Monday, January 14, 2008

Amory Lovins: Winning the Oil Endgame

I saw Amory Lovins give a lecture to a small group of teachers and interested community members in the late nineties. He spent a lot of time talking mostly about light bulbs and how much energy we could save by switching to the new low energy bulbs that were becoming more widely available. Everything he said made sense. He backed up all his points with research. He was advocating action and proposing behavioral changes that any of us could implement.

I just finished watching his new video on TED called Winning the Oil Endgame, and I am having a similar reaction. He is talking solutions. He backs up what he says with research. While his talk is aimed more at the governmental and industrial level, I still found it interesting. He has a book with the same title that is also available for free as a downloadable PDF. I'm downloading it as I write this.

[Image: Captured from TED Video; Winning the Oil Endgame;]

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