Friday, September 14, 2007

Lorem Ipsum: Fake Text

There are times when working with a web page or a desktop publishing layout that you need to fill in an area with text. Sometimes the actual text for the project isn't ready. You could repeat a series of words. You could type jumbled letters over and over again. Both these solutions look fake and are a little distracting to the eye.

Thus the need for Lorem Ipsum. This site generates a passage of text in Latin. When you paste it into your project, it looks like readable text. It fools the eye. It allows you to look at the visual layout of a piece without getting distracted by all that pesky content. It lets you treat the text as just another part of the page design.

What I like about this particular site (there are others on the web) is it lets you specify the number of words or paragraphs. This page also gives some interesting background on the origins of Lorem Ipsum. It is free but the author does ask for donations from frequent users.

["Lorem Ipsum-All the facts-Lipsum generator." Lorem Ipsum. Jan 2006. 11 Sep 2007 .]

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