Friday, May 14, 2010

Not Gone....Just Missing

Still here.  I'm having some health issues along with the extra stuff that comes up with ending a school year.  I should be back soon.  Thanks for asking.


  1. I'm a high school teacher too :) I'm surprised, how come you start teaching social studies then move to teach technology?!

  2. Gunn are you ok???? Holy crap that doesnt sound good. :( YOU GET BETTER!!!! Please? You do remember me right? ;P

  3. @Rofo, when I started teaching the highest level of technology in my classroom was a slide show I made using a 35mm camera and a cassette tape for sound. (Circa 1981). As the first computers started to trickle into our school, I was one of the first to learn start using them with students. The very first computer in my classroom was one I bought my self and brought in every day. I kind of fell into being the tech guy people went to for tech help, paid in building tech support and then finally technology teacher. I miss teaching SS sometimes but love being an elective teacher.

  4. @Roddy. Thanks for the concern. I'm just an old guy whose body can't keep up with all the things I want to do. But, I am back to blogging as of today.

    Good luck at Mines. Drop me a note once you get going to let me know what it's like, how you are doing, or any cool projects (including tattoos) you might be working on.


    ps...I think I remember you, tall...skinny...blond haired guy who plays the banjo?