Sunday, February 28, 2010

Make: Electronics Parts Packs

Saw this on Hands On: Make Electronics and quickly went over to Make to get the details. My biggest complaint, and pretty much only one, about the Make:Electronics book up to this point is having to stop and order parts.

Maker Shed is in the process of creating two component packs to go along with the book. The first one will available mid march and the second one shortly after that.  The cost of the first is $99.   I probably won't be buying this one since I've already purchased most of the items included already.  As soon as they list the parts in the second component kit, I'll make a decision regarding that one.

I figure I've dropped over $300 so far including the book and the tool kit.  Being able to buy the components like this won't be any more expensive.  You do miss out on the opportunity to figure out how to buy components, but that will come sooner or later.

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