Monday, August 17, 2009

Stop Motion: Rainbow Bunnies in a crowd

This commercial from 2007 is astounding. It looks like they did the stop motion on the rabbits with little care for the rest of the world. If someone walks or drives through the problem. If someone steps and flattens a pops back up again. (Planned or accidental, either way it's cool.)

The blurb on the YouTube page says, "The stunning new advert from sony, it took 3 weeks, 40 animators and 3.5 tons of clay to make it to make it."

So, head out to the streets Do your stop motion. It could turn out astounding.

Found this "making of" video for the bunny ad just before I posted. There was a more complete list of materials and time:
  • 2.5 tonnes of plasticine on set
  • 40 animators
  • 3 weeks
  • 189 2ft bunnies
  • 150 1ft cubes
  • 10ft x 20ft purple wave
  • 30ft giant rabbit.
  • 6 cameras.
  • 40 animators working through 4 hours generated 4 seconds of footage.
  • 40 animators working on the same scene had never been attempted before.
  • The 60 second spot will be constructed of approximately 100,000 stills.

[via Monsters and Rockets]

[Image captured from the video]

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