Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kangoo Aerobics

I've started thinking about winter.

We had a lot of rainy, snowy days that kept me inside last year. I did some bouncing in the house last spring but I got to thinking I need some routines I can do in the house to forestall boredom in case it's another wet winter. I started listing out some some foot drills (like the dot drill) and some aerobics steps I could do with the boots.

No problem, I thought. I've been bouncing for twenty or thirty minutes at a time in the neighborhood. I should be able to handle some interesting footwork in the house. I was wrong. Jogging does not prepare you for some of the lateral movements you make in aerobics. I barely made it through a dot drill without taking a tumble. And after about ten minutes, I was ready to die. I stopped and decided I was going to have to work up to a more complex routine. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with.

(Of course, I guess I could order one of the DVDs from Kangoo? Nah....where's the fun in that?)

[Image: "Al is too Old for Aerobics": Creative Commons. If you use it just give me credit.]


  1. I have a treadmill and run on it in my KJPro3 boots.

    It's a super great indoor workout.
    I put a fan in front of me, and I feel the wind in my face and it's like running outside.

    Yesterday I did a four mile run at 6mph. I loved it.

    Kangoos are an amazing invention. They are well built, far better so than the Exerlopers. I hope to blog about my experience with both brand. I have photos, videos and running statistics that you may be interested in.

    I can tell you right now that the Kangoos are far better thought out than the Exerlopers, in design and fabrication.

  2. Alfonso,

    Just subscribed to your blog so I can see what you have to say about Kangoos. Hadn't heard about the Exerlopers to look them up.


  3. Al, I'be been doing some complex dance steps in mine and I can tell you it does get much easier. Then in November I went out to run in them and I about died in the first 10 minutes. So one does not prepare you for the other, that's for sure! - TaMara