Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kangoo Jump Rope

After I put my simple Kangoo video up last week, I did a some searching to see if there was anything new on YouTube related to my favorite bouncy boots. Found this one of a young woman jumping rope in her Kangoos. I am going to try this. Maybe not in slow-mo, but soon. I'll let you know how it turns out.


  1. Hi Al,

    It is my young wife you have been watching :-).

    I used her as a gunny pig prior to some myself :-) and amazingly she loved skipping rope which is far too complicated for me.

    For 2 month I have been forced to stop running due to hurting heels. Now I have got a pair of Kangoo Jumps XR3 myself. Wow it is hard running in them!!! I do however run faster in average (~13 km/h) compared to conventional running shoes - http://www.gps-sport.net/list.jsp?userName=rnj300769

    Unfortunately it seems like my relatively high running speed wear down the outer heel area far too fast. Just after only 25 km the rear clamps seems dangerously thin! Have you had similar problems?

    Rasmus Nyholm Jørgensen

  2. Rasmus,

    I just went and checked the bottom of my boots and the wear looks even. This surprises me a bit because it looks like I pronate a lot in the videos I've taken of myself running. The clamps also seem fine.

    Remember though, I haven't been able to run any distance in several years. I'm only putting in 3-5 km a week.

    When I was first researching the boots I found several references to wearing out the tread. A couple of guys said they wore out faster than the manufacturer predicted. Of course I can't find these links now to share ;-(

    I did find this site that said the tread should last several years. http://www.home-gym-exercise-equipment.com/product_details.asp?prod=KJ-JJ-A

    If you do replace them, how about a youtube video of the process? Let me know and I'll link to it.

    Wish I could be more help. Best of luck.

  3. Rasmus,

    Forgot to mention previously that I tried jumping rope yesterday in the Kangoos. It was much harder than it looks. I was successful only in looking very clumsy and entertaining the neighbors.

    It is going to take a lot of practice before I could challenge your wife to a rope jumping contest. ;-)


  4. I have now been running approx 180 km and need to invest 81€ in spare parts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1jNfgAQiJw
    Still I love running in my Kangoo Jumps - especially off road :-) So I invest in the spare parts. However I think there are room for improvements for people running in the Kangoo Jumps - perhaps harder and thicker soles. :-) Rasmus

  5. Rasmus,

    Just watched your video and the wear and tear on your shoes puts mine to shame. You do fill me with hope that I can work up to longer distances in my workouts.


  6. Hi again,

    I am no handy man :-) In spite of this I have uploaded a youtube where I upgrade my Kangoo's with new T-Spring and soles: Part 1 - Howto exchange Kangoo Jumps T SPRING TS Pro6 and Replacesoles for model KJarmstrong XR

    It took me 18 minutes so I had to split the movie into two parts

  7. Wow! I got tired just watching. There were a few times I was worried about you driving a screwdriver into your leg or taking a tumble while trying to put on that spring. ;-)

    I wonder if you could fit the shoe in some kind of vice to make that last part easier?

    I read somewhere recently about carrying some extra clamps with you in case one breaks out on the road. I think you might also need to carry a toolbox if you were planning any off road repairs.

    Thanks for putting the video up. I'm not looking forward to the first time I replace a part. But, I feel better prepared, after watching you.


  8. Hi Al,
    Yes I look a kind of stupid :-) I uploaded the video in its full length in order to shown that it is not an easy task the change the T-spring and clamps for people who are not natural handy men :-)

    Perhaps this could encourage the company the improve their product.

    Still I love running in my Kangoo Jumps! but I think the net has too much positive talk concerning this produce when it comes to maintenance - and it is exactly here the company should put focus in their future development.

    By the way - here is my impression after upgrading my Kangoos: First impression after exchanging my Kangoo Jumps T-spring and soles

    :-) Rasmus

  9. Stupid...no! Determined...yes!


  10. Hi Al,

    I gave up on my Kangoo Jumps after 600 km because they needed too many spare parts and the upper part of my feet were hurting.

    So I swapped to the other extreme :-) barefoot running - almost :-)

    I have now passed 1200 km in the same pair of Vibram FiveFingers Flow Trek - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2SAqEV5Yjxg&fmt=22

  11. I also have cut way back on my kangoo jumps and also am starting to transition to minimal footware (vibrams and moccasins). Still like the workout I get from the Kangoos, but love the feel of running in my mocs.

    I like running in my vibrams, but have issues with blisters. Don't have any problems when I run in my soft star mocs.

  12. Blisters - using VVF? ... I haven't had any for the last 1380 km - Okay one because I was too lacy removing a small stone :-/

    If you doesn't use toe socks - I am sure this will help you with your problem.

    which model of VFF are you using?