Saturday, July 25, 2009

Government's Cash for Clunkers

I posted an idea I had for helping to jump start the auto industry and help the environment last November. I sent a copy off to my congressmen and one to the President where I'm sure they all said,
"'s a note from Al. We must stop what we're doing and consider it."
Or it got filed in the crackpot folder. Or possibly just deleted. I was OK with that as I knew it was a little radical. I was just trying to think outside the box a little. My idea: I suggested the government buy up all the old cars over a ten year period. Pay better than Blue Book with the condition that the money was used to buy a newer, greener car.

So, yesterday I see this article about the Car Allowance Rebate. Under this plan consumers can get a rebate off the cost of a new car if they trade in their old gas guzzler for a more gas efficient vehicle. The official website for the Car Allowance Rebate System says the dealers must scrap the cars that are traded in. Not quite as radical as my idea, but still a good start.

So, today in my little fantasy land I refer to as "Al World", I am thinking that some aide to some government aide glanced at my email and at some pre-meeting brainstorming it got shuffled onto a long list of ideas that eventually ended up on the long list of stimulus ideas. So, if this saves the auto industry, I will be taking credit at all family gatherings from now on. A big bronze medal would have been nice, but I'll be happy with a cleaner environment. And saving the planet.

I'm humble that way!

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