Monday, June 1, 2009

Schools Out

My school district is out for the summer. I have no work related commitments this summer. I just sent my paperwork in for re-certification so I have some breathing room before I need to take any classes. There were some rumors of writing some curriculum materials for the district but since no one called me, I can assume that fell through or I am an unattractive candidate or they forgot me.

So for a change I get to spend a little time working on my plans for next year
  • Not happy with my curriculum for web design. I need to improve my methods for remediating the students who don't get it while I keep the rest of the class moving forward.
  • Experiment with Boinx's iStopMotion. Going to be adding stop motion unit to my beginning media class and this software came in just before I walked out the door.
  • Watch a lot of movies so I have examples of various film techniques and shots for my media class. Want to start each class (or a majority of them at least) with a video clip related to that day's lesson.

Or.....I may just hike everyday and watch the clouds float by....

[Image: Boundry Waters: Al Gunn: Creative Commons (Attribution: Non-generic 2.0)]

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