Monday, June 15, 2009

Google Blog Search

I've used Blogger ever since I started this thing a little over two years ago. It has it's flaws. In particular, adding graphics to a layout often will not give the results expected. But my complaints are easily dismissed by ease of use. From the very beginning I wanted the software to be as transparent as possible. I didn't want to spend more time working with my blogging software than writing.

So far, this has been true.

I am approaching 500 posts over a two year period. I often have trouble remembering if I wrote about something and will do a search to check. I also search for things as a reference for my own teaching. Sort of a personal filing cabinet. Google recently added a new gadget that makes this process easier. You should be able to see the new "Search this Blog" box in top right corner of my page. As an example, I entered "stop motion" into the search field and got the following result.

The results pop up in your blog and you can either follow a path to your search item or close out the results box and be back in the blog.


I've been using the gadget for a few days now and have found it a beneficial new tool to make my work easier and faster. The best kind.

Try it out and if you want to add it to your own Blogger blog, the directions are in this post by Google. (Takes about two minutes!)

Thanks Google.

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