Tuesday, May 12, 2009

UV Monitoring Wrist Bands

We had a nice, sunny Saturday here in Colorado for the first time in over five weeks. The sun was bright. A cool breeze in the morning but by noon it was shorts and shirt sleeves. My entire suburban neighborhood was out mowing lawns, pulling weeds, riding bikes and just hanging out. I was right out there with everyone else.

I remembered the sun screen. I wore a hat to protect my scalp since my thinning hair now allows the top of my head to burn. I even remembered some lip balm for my lips. Then I spent about four hours working in the yard. Still, after all my precautions, I got a slight burn on my cheeks. Probably sweated off the sun screen.

This little device promoed at Craziest Gadgets got my attention. It's a wrist band that you apply sun screen to at the same time you apply it to your skin. It changes color to show that you are protected and as the effectiveness of the sun screen wears off, the color changes. When it reaches the "danger" color, you then reapply lotion and go on your protected way.

I am willing to give this a shot. The bands are less than ten dollars for a package of seven through Amazon. I'd pay that to avoid an uncomfortable burn after a day of hiking. Not clear on if you have to use a new one each time you apply or if one works for multiple applications? I'll let you know.

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