Monday, May 18, 2009

Medieval Study Discipline

The Study Ball might get you a referral to social services if you use it on your children. If you use it on yourself, then I guess that would be a kind of self discipline and totally OK. Wife might think you have taken a turn towards Kink Town. Dog might think it's some kind of tricky fetch game. Neighbors will just probably say, "That's just crazy old should have seen the time he tried hitch up the neighbors Great Dane to a cart made out of old skate boards. Now that was something!'

Anyway. Set the timer. Lock this to your leg. You won't be able to take it off until the allotted amount of time passes. The little poster on the web site creeps me out just a bit. It is reminiscent of how I used to view school as a child.

My mother used to achieve the same end through the use of the timer on the kitchen stove and a few stern looks. Other than the cost of the stove, it was free. Probably just as effective.

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