Thursday, March 5, 2009


Don't remember where I saw Afrogadet mentioned but I've been following it for a while now and thoroughly enjoy the articles. It is a "website dedicated to showcasing African ingenuity" and boy have I been impressed by some of the things they've shown.

My uncle is a beekeeper, so I was particularly interested in this post on the blending of a modern beehive with a traditional one made from a hollow log. I'd love to know what my Uncle Ray would think of this?

If you teach Geography, I think you'd find a variety of posts here demonstrating various aspects of African culture. Not to mention some interesting design and technology concepts. Add this one to your RSS reader. I think you will enjoy it.

Let me close with this quote about the gathering of honey from the hives naked:
"The honey is collected at night by naked men (yes totally naked …) they say that this prevents one from getting bees stuck in your clothing… I asked about the possibility of getting stung in sensitive places, they said the bees were far too civilized for that…but yes, people had fallen from the trees and been found comatose and butt naked at the tree base…"

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