Thursday, February 5, 2009

Newseum: Front Pages from around the World

Every day some 500 plus newspapers from around the world send a pdf copy of their front page to the Newseum who then makes it available to all the rest of us online. Each newspaper is represented by a dot on a map. Run your cursor over the dot and the thumbnail of the page appears. Double-click that dot and you get a readable front page with links to the newspapers web page.

For you world language teachers there are newspapers from all over the world. For you historians, they have archives of specific dates of historical significance, for example, Sept 12, 2001 (day after 9-11).There is a trivia game based on current events that you could play with your class.....or during your break. I believe this could be a nifty little resource for many a classroom. Take a look.

[via Free Technology for Teachers]

[Image: Captured part of the Rocky Mountain News from the Newseum site:]

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