Friday, February 13, 2009

Kangoo: twenty minutes

Felt like my cold has finally wound down enough that I could work up a sweat without passing out. Selected twenty minutes of music, put on the Kangoo Jumps and did some aerobics. Nothing strenuous. I'd jump around for about a minute, walk for a minute and repeat.
  • No discomfort in my knees.
  • Didn't think to check my pulse until just now, but felt like it elevated pretty quickly.
  • Occasionally would feel a bit off balance but the boots fit so firmly, I quickly regained my balance.
  • Ankles never felt compromised.
  • Felt it the most in my hips. I'm curious to see if this holds true when I take them out for a jog?

If it doesn't snow, jogging (with a lot of walking) will happen this weekend.

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