Tuesday, February 10, 2009

kangoo: Too sick to bounce

Been sick with a cold past three days. We've had wonderful weather here in the Denver area but I've been laying around wrapped up in a comforter drinking tea and going through a tree's worth of kleenex. Haven't had much chance to try out my new Kangoo boots. Too sick to bounce.

This morning I couldn't stand it anymore and put them on and did just a little bouncing around the house. I watched a video on YouTube that demoed some aerobic moves using the boots. Essentially, run in place, then bounce on one foot a couple of times, then run in place. I put the boots on for the second time and found that my balance was much better. I was able to do the moves from the video and I bounced for about five minutes before I had to stop and blow my nose.

Here's hoping I feel better before it snows later this week.

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