Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kangoo: First time outside

It was overcast this morning and the temperature was hovering around 24 degrees' Fahrenheit. The ground was dry. There was no wind. I figured it was now or never as snow is forecast. I dressed in layers and buckled up the Kangoo Jumps and headed for the street. Let me warn you about stairs! My only close call today was going down the steps in front of our house. A little tricky the first time.

I did a simple walk/run circuit exactly the same way I would if I was starting a running program. Walk a short distance. Run a short distance. Repeat. My route is through a suburban neighborhood so I normally walk a block and then run a block. With this kind of program, you gradually increase the amount of time you run and decrease the amount you walk until you are running the entire distance (or time).

First thing. Practice stopping. When I came to a street I needed to cross I ended up stopping a few feet into the street. Luckily, no cars. After that I worked on coming to a complete halt. It's kind of like going from a fast jog to a slow jog until you are jogging in place.

Second thing. Be prepared for people to stare at you. It reminds me of when I first started running back in the early seventies. People would honk their horns or yell funny comments from their cars. Families in their front yards would stop what they were doing to stare at the crazy man. Today I had several people about snap their necks as they turned back to look as they drove by. It was too early and cold for anybody to be out on the streets but I expect I will get stares and comments. Hard on a shy guy like me. If it lets me run. I'll deal.

Third, the workout. I feel like I am lifting my feet higher. Almost like I'm marching. I am thinking a little harder about how I am placing my feet and working on coming down more towards my heel and letting the natural curve of the boot help push me forward. I also feel like I am running a bit bow-legged. This might be in response to the size of the shoes or it might just be that I am over thinking it. Still no pain or discomfort in my knees or back.

Lastly, it was fun. I'm looking forward to getting out more. I'll get back to you on my experience as soon as I get a couple more runs under my belt.

[Image: "Al in his bouncy boots": Taken by Larilyn Meyer. No comments on the winter beard. Yes I know how gray it is. Yes I know how old I am getting to be. Look at the boots not my face!]

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