Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wired's Top Ten List of New Tech for 2008

I'm not really motivated to come up with a top ten list of any kind. So, I am grabbing one from Wired. Maybe later today I'll pick my favorite 10 posts for the last year or more than likely I will make a tray of my favorite ten foods and lay around reading science fiction. It's a New Year's tradition for me.

Wired list from bottom to top

10. Flexible Displays
9. Edible Chips (electronic chips not potato......that was on the top ten list of 1853)
8. Speedo LZR (has to do with reducing drag not a new fashion trend for fifty year old men going to the gym....thank God!)
7. Flash Memory
6. GPS
5. Memristor (memory transistor not a new Marvel superhero)
4. Video Capapble SLRs
3. USB 3.0 (4.8gigs per second......ooooh baby!)
2. Android (The phone protocol not the cool creature that follows you around and does all the hard stuff like pick up the wet towels on the bathroom floor and bringing you tasty hot nachos to the couch where you are all warm and cozy. Maybe that will be next year?)
1. Apples App Store

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