Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Redesigned Game Packages

We bought a Risk game for our nephew this past Christmas. As we were shopping for the game we noticed how many of the classic games we played as kids were being packaged as bookshelf games, including Risk. I thought this was a great idea. Doesn't take up as much shelf space. Tidy. We bought him the classic Risk in a bookshelf box. Of course I then got to spend six-plus hours playing a game with him over our holiday visit.

This game package reminded me of a series of bookshelf games my mother used to buy me for special occasions. I wonder if she liked the fact that they could be put up on a shelf also? Those games like Twixt, Feudal and Facts-in-Five were some of my favorites. I wonder why it took so long to apply the concept to other board games?

I guess someone else thought those old game boxes weren't the best. Andy Mangold redesigned the package for a Monopoly game and has several pictures on his web site. Got me to thinking I might be able to come up with something to replace my old Risk box. The picture at the top shows the taped edges of my Risk and Monopoly game which I've had for over twenty years (maybe more). My bookshelf games are still intact with no torn corners or missing pieces.

All this memory mining from an old man leads me to thinking how you might apply this to a classroom. Make redesigning a game box a class project. Pick a common game and have your students give it a new look and a better designed package. Could be a lot of fun. Plus you get to play with your homework for years to come.

[via Neatorama]

[Image: Torn Box: Captured from my basement shelf where all my old games are stored]
[Image: Monopoly Game: Captured from am:Andy Mangold :]

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