Wednesday, January 14, 2009

History of the Internet

I was looking for a simple, straight forward history of the internet I could use in my classroom. I haven't found the perfect video/article yet but this little film comes close. I liked it. I learned a few things.

My only concern is that I think it will lose a lot of my students. It may be just a tad too technical for some of my freshmen web students?

Take a look and see what you think.

History of the Internet from PICOL on Vimeo.

I'll give it a shot with a couple of my classes and see how they respond.

[via OpenCulture]

[Image: Captured from the video:History of the Internet]


  1. We are going to watch this video now, probably three or four times in a row. That way, we come across as smarter than we really are!

  2. ....or post it to your blog and you won't even have to say anything at your next cocktail party. Just defer any hard questions with a polite, "Oh. I have a little film on my website that explains that idea all so clearly. You should take a look." Pop a shrimp into your mouth and move off to make conversation with the folks over by the bean dip.

    Works for me every time!